GUI is freezing for Mate on Rock64.
Hi People!

After 30 minutes (or a bit more) of system boot Mate freezes, only mouse moves but no function.

But if I enter via ssh and execute reboot it works (after reboot of course).

S.O. = MATE 1.12.1
Release 16.04.3 LTS (Xenial Xerus) 64-bit
Kernel Linux 4.4.77-rockchip-ayufan-136 aarch64

Is this a known issue?


Yes, this isn't a blockage as such, it is the screen locking itself. To unlock it while it is like this, type in your password to unlock it.

Then you can also disable this locking feature (or bug) altogether, by going into the menu: System/Preferences/Look and feel/Screensaver, then turning off the Lock Computer setting there. You can turn off the screesaver as well if you like.

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