Receiving errors about eMMC (?)
(08-15-2018, 03:09 PM)asavah Wrote: I've been fighting this for a week.
1) Ayufan's kernel has emmc freq set too high to be stable on some (most?) emmc modules should be 150000000 ,same as in rockchip-linux repo.
2) Foresee emmc modules sold in the shop are CRAP. I'm currently using hardkernel (odroid-c2) emmc which are made from samsung flash chips, runs like a charm and is at least two times faster than Foresee (subjective, I don't have any benchmark results handy to back this claim)

Note: I'm no longer using ayufan's kernels, I build my own from rockchip-linux bsp repo plus tweaked dtsi/dts.

Mine is a Forsesee 16 gb.  Again, I'll report back if the contact cleaner fix holds up. I would be interested in some actual memory benchmark test comparisons.  But in general I have a lot of confidence in Samsung chips.

I looked at the odroid site. Are all of those versions to do with the pre-installed OS? I would think that an emmc chip should be standard and work in any device like an SD card. Am I missing something?

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