Launching a terminal app from command line
This whole exercise started from my desire to double-click an icon on the desktop and have the target application launch without jumping through hoops with the command line each time I wanted to run the program.

Putting a copy of the script file that actually launches the program I want to run, on the desktop, didn't work. Probably something subtle in the file. Creating a script file to launch that script file seemed the easier approach. After a few attempts I found a measure of success, but it was with one too many terminal windows. Further work yielded the working script I posted, but I'm still curious as to how to tell the terminal application to not post the exit codes. Probably I would get more success in that with the program writers, but I thought bash might let me get there.

In any event, the application is the swamp, the scripts are the alligators. As much fun as it has been to wrestle with them, I really need to get back to draining the swamp.


Oh, and thanks for taking the time to try to help with my puzzle.
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