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Android Images (ROCK64)
I'm connecting usb wifi and bluetooth to this android version and it does not work. What to do?
flashed Android 7.1.2 Stock Image [eMMC Boot] [Rooted] [20171204] on my RK3328 box but i have no root permission
how to enable it?
why first image of android 7.1 in pine64 installer does not boot?
when I use the Android Tool to flash the eMMC with the github version of Android (android-7.1-rock-64-rock64_regular-v0.3.13-r115-update.zip), it hangs on the Grey Android Logo, and never boots, even after waiting for over an hour. I don't want the TV version, I just want stock Android, is there any reason this is happening?
Hi All,
Hope you can help me.
I've downloaded Updated Android 7.1.2 Stock Image [microSD Boot] [Rooted] [20171204] and it worked.
My problem is that I need to find an Android firmware that is in "STABLE" mode and not in "DEVELOPMENT" mode.
I'm asking this to be able to run teamviewer Host or Teamviewer quicksupport on the device. I've tried it with the latest firmwares but it's crashing as soon as I connect to the device. I've written to Teamviewer support and they have aswered the following:
"I talked with our development and the problem is that we do not support the firmware which you use on the device.
The firmware is supposed to be used for debugging and tests and since it's not finished, we do not support it."
Is there a RK3328 firmware that is currently in "STABLE" or "RELEASE" stage? So I could make teamviewer run.
I don't even need the firmware to be 7.1.2, a 5.1 or other version would be fine but I can't find one.

If would be great if someone has an idea, it's now 3 weeks I try to find something :-(
Please label images properly I spent hours trying several different images to flash on emmc but only wasn't until I try 'mircrosd' image that it finally worked. I could have saved so much time if I knew to flash the microsd image in the first place!

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