Pine64 1gb running so very slowly
I've had mine for about a week, and to be honest I'm disappointed. It runs excruciatingly slowly on android. In fact it's un useable. I have a Sandisk 32gb class 10 card and a fresh image. I have an Ethernet connection to it that is good. Any ideas please?
OK guys - hang fire. My card I was using is a class 4, and my class 10 Sandisk card has some problems so I'll get a new card and report back soon.
Yea, a class 4 card won't cut it. Also, for android, any class 10 is also not a guaranteed success. You really want a good card and a solid PSU (and a thick micro USB cable). 

Few other things.

1) which android build are you using exactly ? I think its best you use either ayufan's android 6 or android 7.1 builds. 
2) android will be slow on first boot - let it sit and do its thing for a good 10 min or so. Then restart it. 
3) If you are using A 5.1 then its performance is worse than on ayufan's A6 and A7.1 images.
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Thanks for the reply Luke. The PSU is the Pine one ordered alongside the Pine64.

I plan to use the Ayufan 7.1 image, and the card is on order and is a Sandisk Extreme 100mb/s rated for 4K ultra.

So it will be a day or so before I report back Smile
OK - bit of an update. My new cards arrived today. I now have two 32Gb SanDisk Extreme class 10 U3.

I loaded Android on one of them to compare with the class 4 android. Well, what a change! Android runs well. So clearly if there are problems with it running slowly, the SD card might make more of a difference than you think.

However, there is just one problem - having got Android to work I realise I just don't like it! Not the problem of the software, just personal choice. However, I also loaded the Remix OS and just how brilliant is that? I really hope it's possible to develop that, as it works so well.

Happy camper now Smile
I got the 2GB kit with the Remix OS SD card on it. I am happy with the Pine64 with 2GB, but seems Remix OS is not compatible with YouTube TV.
I do wonder if that is a hardware, or software issue.
I have one of those Android TV boxes with v6 on it and 2GB of RAM, but it is not compatible either. However, I had returned another one with version 5, and only 1GB of RAM, but they misrepresented it having Bluetooth.  It is still on my Google device list, and I see it is compatible.

That is odd, and wondering if that is hardware, or software related.

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