Rock64 as a retro-gaming console: early impressions
(02-26-2018, 12:38 AM)Tony32 Wrote:
(02-20-2018, 01:04 PM)Luke Wrote: Hey. I suggest you give this a rest for a few months. We've spoken to RecalBox guys and we'll be getting support for the Rock64. The issue, as I understand, is that Lakka currently do not use SDL; the RecalBox build will use kms instead of fbdev and SDL 2 +. This will, among other things, improve the situation when using overlays and shaders. This work will surely, in time, also find its way into Lakka and other retro-gaming distributions. 
Do also keep in mind the difference in time that the RPI (3) had for development and the Rock64 had. 

Have you tried emulation on Android ?

[edit] Answering your question; take a look at this thread if you want to build your own RetroPie image.

Woot woot! Great news! Can't wait. Is there a thread or some kind of blog to follow the progress?

Are you asking about RecalBox? Once the devs get their gear perhaps they'll open up a thread (or I will on their forum). Otherwise I am sure you'll be able to track the progress on their git.
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