So I've been playing with the sound on my Pinebook 14" and found the tip to use alsamixer solved the problem of sound being so quiet as inaudible, but now I can hear it, I am thinking Bluetooth Speakers may be the way to go.

So that got me exploring Bluetooth on my PB14  and it hasn't been very successful: So far all attempts to pair anything just seem to fail - not with an error - nothing seems to happen. 

i've tried a UE Megaboom and a Philips SBT75 speaker and also tried pairing with my iPhone to use it as a network device. Nothing seems to pair and connect successfully.

This is on Ubuntu 0.5.5-65

Is there any wisdom out there on how you get Bluetooth working? It seems to work under Android 7.1 so I am sure its not hardware. 

I only tried it once with my Sennheiser BT headset and that worked out of the box with Android 6 and Ubuntu...
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