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Win10 IoT (PINE A64(+)) 10.0.15063.0_20170602
(04-01-2018, 04:01 AM)pfeerick Wrote:
(03-31-2018, 09:21 AM)dkryder Wrote: ok pfeerick, explain to me why it would be a great idea to make another 1,000 of the various original pine64 boards when the company has a much improved variant of any of the originals available? as well as there are a lot ot used original pine64's that are very difficult to sell. almost to the point people pass them up if they are in the free bin at hacker shows. as far as rpi stuff there are just too many people that think that board can do everything well and it simply can not. to say it can is b.s.  i'm not comparing a minnowboard to a rpi , the rpi simply can not measure up, there is no reason to feel that the rpi could do win10 IoT as well as the minnowboard. i realize this fact. i'm saying it is laughable to use the rpi for projects it clearly is under built for.

Why? Because people want that particular form factor or the functionality that board brings with it? It's the same reason some current products still to this day are using landlocked Rasberry Pi 1 A boards, when it has been well and truly 'superceded'. The pine64 brought with it (which the rock64, etc, DOES NOT) battery support and dedicated LCD + touchscreen support, and camera FWIW). It's also, in essence, a sopine board without the module design - so you can have both. 

Yes, there are people who think the RPi can do everything well, and there are those who don't. The same as those who were misled by the original marketing campaign for the pine64... And it's no more laughable than using a $150 board when a $15 board will do the job! :-P
except that the $15 board can not do the job. it's a myth that is continually put forth by those who receive free product and sometimes make bogus statements. people have bought the boards based on the bogus statements only to find out the board can not in fact do the job. kinda like this fellow here with pine64 & winIoT. to this day the pine64 website still mentions winIoT as being available for pine64 board. people read that and think that means it will work with winIoT when in fact it will not. and , as demonstrated by lack of support from anyone with pine64 company or allwinner in this thread it seems the reality is both companies really do no longer support winIoT and are well aware it does not work with the pine64 but still make reference to winIoT as being an o/s that is available.

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