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Win10 IoT (PINE A64(+)) 10.0.15063.0_20170602
Win10 IoT (PINE A64(+)) 10.0.15063.0_20170602.
(06-04-2017, 11:41 PM)Pineadmin Wrote: Win10 IoT (PINE A64 (+)) 10.0.15063.0_20170602 .

Buenas , a alguien le ha arrancado el sistema operativo de windows10 iot, en su pine64+ de 2gb....Porque el archivo cuando lo descargo esta en extension .ffu
Lo intento grabar a la sd me da error no me carga el sistema en la single booard..pero otros sistemas si me funcionan....Gracias espero su apoyo y respuesta...

Well, someone has booted the operating system of windows10 iot, in its pine64 + 2gb .... Because the file when I download it is in extension .ffu
I try to burn to the sd gives me error I do not load the system in the single booard..but other systems if I work .... Thanks I hope your support and response ...

Estudiante Universitario U.A.E.
hi, i don't know if you reed the forum or not ! but when you have the .ffu file then you have to install "IoT Dashboard setup.exe" too. that soft is from Microsoft for installing the file on your micro SD card. it really is pretty easy !
and it works like a charm. the biggest problem is the speed. i think if you need a good speed you need to use emmc chips. and remember for the first time boot it will take 10 to 20 minutes .
best regards,

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