Patiently awaiting shipping info
(08-12-2017, 12:48 PM)Pepe Wrote:
(08-09-2017, 02:14 AM)hene Wrote: So after all that my Pinebook ended up costing around $234.
Is my pinebook worth the 99 USD? Hell yes. Is it worth the 234 USD? Eh no. If you can get the system only for the shipping cost then great! But for most EU countries... I wouldn't do it.

As I told it this morning on IRC.  Very similar price in Czech republic.

Honestly this was my last order, where I chose DHL.

Pinebook + shipping = 137$

Because it will arrive on Tuesday there is approx prices how much it will cost.
DHL handling fee = min.  23$
VAT 21% = 32$
Total 192$

Yes, if you would like to clear it yourself it's possible, then you need to pay 300 CZK (which is 12$). For what you're going to pay it?
They will spend 2 minutes for you, where they pick camera then they took photo of shipping label/package and fill paper, where they will tell you how much you should pay for shipping and they will send it to you by email.
It's good, right? #dreamjob

Next time I would appreciate if there will be option to choose another shipping company or if it will be available through Amazon/Ebay shipping services or preferable EU warehouse.
Hopefully it will work with Gearbest or Geekbuying.

We have explored with Gearbest and they also using the DHL Hong Kong for shipment that contains Lithium battery. We are currently exploring with TNT to be another option. We also need to take the shipping company tier pricing into consideration, we more we split out to different shipping companies, shipping costs becomes higher due to we lost the tier advantages. As example, a person walk into the DHL and want to ship a 2KG weight package with Lithium battery from Hong Kong to EU, the shipping costs is about USD $60-$90.

We will not consider EU warehouse for current time due to Pinebook has a thin profit margin and this is a high cost setup proposal.
As I know also Gearbest has EU warehouse. So from them it could be cheaper and sometimes they offer some discount via coupon or free shipping.

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