Error formatting MicroSD
Phoenixcard, like other android imaging software, is mainly designed to flash on-board nand or emmc, which you can't just pop into a usb reader and point dd or windiskimager at. SD card programming was an afterthought. Don't blame pine for this load of excrement -- it's from allwinner. Unfortunately, (some/many/most) hardware companies suck at software design, and very few design manufacturing tools for linux. Even Freescale's (now something like NXP) flash programming tool is windows only.
(04-06-2016, 05:34 AM)Rhymoore Wrote: Hi,

I had kinda the same problem, when i tried to install / burn an image via phoenix.
I plainly used the micrsoft formatting software (my computer, right click the sd card format (fat32, standard)) and then i was able to burn an image (need to start the phoenix software with admin (right click the exe launch as administrator). It only took the software about 1 minute.

i am using windows 10.

Thanks for this suggestion Rhymoore, it worked perfectly for me! I tried so many things before this and only your workaround was the solution. Its so simple too. Hope others can find this little tip.

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