OpenWRT supports ARMv8 - arm64, u-boot problem?
Hello everyone,

  I was compiling OpenWRT today for one SoC and I notice that OpenWRT is supporting ARMv8 / arm64 for Allwinner.
  I compiled it for testing in Pine64, but the problem is the u-boot. Even reading longsleep post, I'm not sure if I did the right thing.

 So, anyone already make anything about OpenWRT (or tired) for pine64?

Thanks in advance.
You can probably just stick your OpenWRT rootfs on one of the Ubuntu images replacing the rootfs provided by longsleep, but it needs to use legacy kernel (3.10.x) for that to work since u-boot for mainline is different.
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Ok, I will try.
Just curious, what changed between the legacy and the mainline? The DRM drivers or something more?

In short, the legacy u-boot and kernel (3.10.x) from the BSP boot differently compared to upstream mainline u-boot and kernel. BSP uses a binary blob (boot0) to initialize DRAM and then u-boot in 32bit mode, mainline uses an open u-boot spl loader and u-boot in 64bit mode which also changes how the kernel is entered.
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Hello, which version do you recommend for testing? I download the oldest one that has no u-boot file.
I have already an .image file ready to test (I tested in QEMU and works).

PS: If you could provide a link with the longsleep ubuntu/debian image so I can replace the rootfs image, I would be glad, some old links are not working.

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