Touchscreen Alternatives

^^^ that one can support 5v power supply at 2a (my previous post had all 12v required power for the screens)

this list has other 10.1 inch but require you to plug them into the wall, with assorted other driver boards:

i myself am buying the first one i listed as im going to make a completely portable system, including a portable usb hub run on battery power for a usb wifi/bluetooth 4.0 adapter at 150mbps (18.75 megabytes transfer).

the plug adapter i will be using is a male dc plug adapter that i can use to plug into a spliced usb cable, which i have also done for my usb hub, so that the entire thing can operate off of usb power banks powered by 18650 batteries (im using the slow drain ones, there are two types, fast and slow).

hopefully this helps you. until more information and drivers are available for more screens, u will more than likely need some form of a driver board to get your screen to work, i have found several on the internet, including ones that you can use for any screen to hdmi but will need to hack together your wiring for it to work.

i do appreciate your input on this subject and knowledge, i do hope what i have come up with after all your advice helps.

edit: not touch panels, but i'm sure you can find one cheap to fit the screen size if you feel u must have one, i myself bought a keyboard and mouse (wireless) as this is going to be a gaming platform, i have a tablet and phone for touchpanels ;p

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