Christmas pine64 2GB - DOA
Greetings all,

My brother gave me a pine64+ 2GB model for Christmas and I believe it's DOA.

Let me first start off that my power supplies certainly meet the requirements of this board with 2amp, 2.5 amp, and yes, I borrowed a 4.0 amp from my ws2812 strings to try.  The voltages are tight to usb 5v specs.

I'm a long time user of Pi boards.  All of the aforementioned power supplies work fine with my Raspberry Pis and so do the sdcards I've tried with the Pine.

I'm also a long time user of linux and consider myself advanced in the OS.  I use "dd" to dump and read often for other systems.  Every image I've dumped for the pine is fine.  Some of the images I've tried  create a fat for /boot, others have /boot in rootfs.

I tried several images and never got a thing, until I decided to hook up the debug port to a ttl adapter and this is what I got:

12/27/16-07:12:48 - HELLO! BOOT0 is starting!
12/27/16-07:12:48 - boot0 commit : 045061a8bb2580cb3fa02e301f52a015040c158f
12/27/16-07:12:48 -
12/27/16-07:12:48 - boot0 version : 4.0.0
12/27/16-07:12:48 - set pll start
12/27/16-07:12:48 - set pll end
12/27/16-07:12:48 - rtc[0] value = 0x00000000
12/27/16-07:12:48 - rtc[1] value = 0x00000000
12/27/16-07:12:48 - rtc[2] value = 0x00000000
12/27/16-07:12:48 - rtc[3] value = 0x00000000
12/27/16-07:12:48 - rtc[4] value = 0x00000000
12/27/16-07:12:48 - rtc[5] value = 0x00000000
12/27/16-07:12:48 - DRAM driver version: V1.1
12/27/16-07:12:48 - rsb_send_initseq: rsb clk 400Khz -> 3Mhz
12/27/16-07:12:48 - PMU: AXP81X
12/27/16-07:12:48 - ddr voltage = 1500 mv
12/27/16-07:12:48 - DRAM Type = 3 (2Big GrinDR2,3Big GrinDR3,6:LPDDR2,7:LPDDR3)
12/27/16-07:12:48 - DRAM clk = 672 MHz
12/27/16-07:12:48 - DRAM zq value: 003b3bbb
12/27/16-07:12:48 - DRAM single rank full DQ OK
12/27/16-07:12:48 - DRAM size = 2048 MB
12/27/16-07:12:48 - DRAM simple test FAIL.
12/27/16-07:12:48 - initializing SDRAM Fail.

It appears the RAM is bad and never attempts to access the card which explains why none of the imaging I've done ever worked.

I submitted a ticket to them (overdue), but at this point I don't think I'll get a response.  I sure hope they can do something. My brother, who doesn't have money waist and is disappointed as well.

This is my experienced thus far.

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