Playbox Enclosure Tablet Help Needed
I need to find something useful to do with my Pine since I can not use it for my original intent. 

Currently in our household we use an Amazon Fire TV STB to watch Playstation VUE, Netflix, and Hulu.

We have a 2nd 4K TV that we want to use for the same purpose. Rather than buy another Fire box why not build the Pine Playbox?

I would need some version of Android. I would connect to TV via HDMI. I heard that I may require DRM for Playstation Vue. Which version do I need?
When at home and not connected to TV I would like to watch my TV apps on the LCD. Need to make this seamless as possible changing between the two display methods. 

Also I would like, when we leave the house to be able to use the Playbox as a navigation tool in the vehicle. Google Maps works good for me on my other Android devices. Since they allow use of downloaded maps I do not need a data connection while traveling. 

What I do need is a GPS unit that I can mount inside the Playbox or connect to via Bluetooth. Any working suggestions?

I would need either an Ethernet or Wifi connection and access to Google Store when at home.

I have all the Pine hardware and my Pine is an A64+ 2Gb.

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