Pine64 2Gb not booting [SOLVED]
Hi all,

Firt time trying to fire up this system. I have the 2Gb version with LCD and BT module.

A64-DB-2G-RevB 2016-03-21.

Installed into the play box ok.
Connected DSI and TP cables (checked, then checked them again by unplugging and re-plugging)
Inserted Pine supplied 64Gb uSD with Android.
Power by the Pine supplied 2A brick.
Power jumper in DC5V position.
RTC not connected.
BT module not connected.
USB nothing connected.
Network cable not connected.
Powered on, nothing happens except the red light, nothing on Pine screen.
Removed Pine64 from enclosure and connected to full HD panel via HDMI, same results, nothing at all.
Replaced back into play box, connected only TP and DSI then power, same, nothing displayed.

Thoughts anyone?

Many thanks

Try different power supply
Try different microSD card
Try different screen/monitor/TV

Recommend choosing one of these and using process of elimination. These are the three most common issues.

  • LCD panel connections should be connected with the contacts facing down
  • Pre-loaded Android image is probably not the LCD image
  • (There are two different Android images - one for LCD, another for HDMI)
  • If trying an HDMI Android image, only screens with either 1080p or 720p resolutions will likely work
  • Pine supplied power supply and microSD are not the greatest quality
  • A 5.1V 2.5A power supply is recommended 
  • A Samsung Evo microSD card is recommended (though I have booted the Android LCD image just fine using the Pine supplied microSD)
Thanks, will try all recommendations.

Quick question, should I still get a BIOS screen out of the Pine64, even with no microSD installed?
(10-08-2016, 11:29 AM)negativ3 Wrote: Thanks, will try all recommendations.

Quick question, should I still get a BIOS screen out of the Pine64, even with no microSD installed?

Nope, there's no BIOS screen. Everything is on the microSD. Without it, you will get precisely nothing. For further reading, see this post.
Ok, thanks Ghost, now getting HDMI and LCD images to try both on different cards.
Hi all,

Re-imaged uCF card with the latest android LCD image and it works perfectly.

Thanks Ghost for your assistance.
I am having similar issues as stated above, but re-imaging has not solved my issue. I have tried re-imaging many many times. 

I have managed to successfully burn and boot into an android DD image and a Remix OS image using an HDMI out. However, I have not managed to pass the boot screen on the LCD using an android DD LCD panel image. The image does show on the screen but I never pass the boot screen.

I have tried two cards (16Gb and 32Gb) in the hopes a different image or a different card would fix the issue. This was not the case. I burned the Android .img using Mac OS X El Captain with the following dd command:

sudo dd bs=1m if=path_of_your_image.img of=/dev/rdiskn

Where "path" is replaced by the image path and "n" by the unmounted disk number. Again, this worked for the Remix OS and Android image no problem. The issue occurred when I tried loading and booting into the touchscreen image.

Info: I have a Pine64+ 2Gb model with the LCD, wifi/bluetooth dongle and the power connected to the board.
Any help would really help. Not sure what else I could try? Thanks!
@Mary999, please open a support ticket and work with the support team; they usually respond within 48 hours.
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