Etcher, the superior burning choice!
Rufus is great - I used it at home, but I use Etcher at work (Mac based environment). I would recommend these two.
I've used Win32diskimager an Unetbootin back in the day, but always found them user-unfriendly.
(08-12-2019, 09:03 AM)MrTester Wrote: BUMP, Any update on usage of etcher burning from PB?

My main reason is due to not always having a reliable SD card reader around (if I am tinkering at work) I may have to find some time to work on this myself.

I am also looking forward on the ARM64 based echther.
When is ARM64 supposed to come out?
(10-14-2019, 05:23 AM)Samber Wrote: When is ARM64 supposed to come out?

According to the changelog v1.4.0 added arm64 / armv8 / aarch64 support in the build scripts. No prebuilt packages for any of them, but the devs state you can build it yourself. They link here as a guide. No proposed releases yet, though. Sad

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