OwnCloud on pine64
Is there any way to run owncloud on the pine? 

main reason I got it was to make a personal cloud out of it.
Owncloud package exists on Arch Aarch64

[Image: 3316269c5072e45f814a390d5f81cfe7.jpg]

Yes, for sure! I run it and it works great. It is much faster than the Pi that it replaces. You need to be sure that you install all the pre-requisites, but it is an easy install.
(08-09-2016, 01:01 PM)jl_678 Wrote: Hi,

Yes, for sure!  I run it and it works great.  It is much faster than the Pi that it replaces.  You need to be sure that you install all the pre-requisites, but it is an easy install.

I'm a newbie here, if you could throw together a quick guide that would be amazing!. 

By the way, I assume you are storing data on a external HDD and not on the SD card, right ?

Mine is using the SD card for storage because I am not storing much. It is not too difficult to store on a hard drive, but you should get that setup prior to installing Owncloud.

I have not setup an auto mounting hard drive on Pine, but it should not be difficult. The key is to make sure that it is externally powered.

Regarding Owncloud, it is straightforward and there is nothing special required for the Pine. There are many tutorials on the web. Here is an example https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/ownc...-8-jessie/

Feel free to ask questions here or on irc if you experience difficulties.

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Which image should I build it on top off

Debian or Ubuntu ?
Both will work, but I would recommend Debian. It is easier to find HowTo's for Debian in my experience since it relies on more mature packages. The HowTo I provided assumes Debian Jessie which is the version supported on Pine.

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