Netbds10.0 on Rock64 not booting
Well, it should be easier to get it going without the SPI ROM. It actually can causea lot of trouble, which, in addition to cost, is why I assume they removed it. You certainly don't need it to make any of these boards work.

Though, one has to wonder, what else got changed when they removed the ROM?

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Everyone wants me to quit using NetBSD
I will just leave it for a while and then get back to it. Do some searching and reading and see. Maybe experiment with u-boot on sd and image on emmc or whatever. Stuck for the moment but will try again...
Just a thought, maybe I forget and you already mentioned; but are you trying to boot NetBSD from SD or eMMC?

I ask because on the Pinebook Pro, if you have Manjaru on the eMMC, with the U-Boot that comes with Manjaru, you cannot boot NetBSD (and a lot of other things) from SD card. This is a fault with the U-Boot that comes with Manjaru, and probably other Linuces. The easiest way around this is to disable the eMMC (and then re-enable it as soon as NetBSD starts to boot).

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Everyone wants me to quit using NetBSD

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