GloDroid (Android-14)
I've been running GloDroid, Android 14 2023w46, on the Pinetime beta for awhile now. Here are some of my discoveries in the hopes that they will help others. I hope we see more from the GloDroid team as this has been a fun build to play with. 

Touch response is great/better than most Pinetime distrobutions I've played with.
Battery performance is really good, standby power consumption can get you 3–4 days before charging, which is impressive!
Headphones work!
The phone speaker works too!
F-droid takes a while to update the repositories, so be patient the mirrors can be busy.
The messages app can view messages but not create them. I've been using SMSdroid since then, with good success.
I love the sound effect when you hook up a charging source. The good old days of having a old Nokia are back. ;-)
Tapping 7 times on the build number in the settings->about gives you the developer options. Good for debugging.
I downloaded GadgetBridge from F-droid and was able to pair both of my Pinetime watches. Awesome!

Phone service is a little sketchy, 50/50 chance the phone will boot and recognize the SIM. When I get no service, a workaround I found is to plug the phone into a charging source and open the Messenger app. The phone will reboot on its own, and then the phone SIM is recognized, this may take a couple of reboots to take effect.

WiFi will not connect to my new T-Mobile router. Though if I bring up a hot-spot on my other phone, it will connect with no issues. Funny, because my very old iPod has the same issue.

I do get some random reboots every once in awhile, that's where I'll try to debug the cause so I'll keep playing and making new discoveries and sharing.

Have fun out there!

New discovery...

If you connect the Pinephone to a Windows box via USB, you will get an alert to turn off USB debugging. If you tap on the alert, the developer options are presented. You can then turn off USB debugging.

I found that by doing this Windows will find the phone and ask what you want to do with the device. When prompted I chose to view files. Of course nothing was there, but the Pinephone is displayed as an icon under the system in the file explorer but clicking on the properties you see the battery status of the Pinephone. ;-)


So what I found is that on the Pinephone, you can go into Settings->Connected Devices->USB and select the file transfer radio button. From there, windows will bring up an explorer window with all the available folders on the Pinephone.  So copy your photos, music, whatever...


Yes more things to play with. Have fun!

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