MicroSD Size mismatch with Image
Thanks TL. Glad to hear that you do have input on the image size after all, that makes things much better for all of us. The SanDisk cards I have are in fact marked with the Class 10 logo, not the UHS-I logo.

While the next round of images should be sized correctly per your comment, any chance of going back and re-sizing the previous releases as well? Sometimes updates can bring new problems while fixing old ones, and some of us might want to keep the older builds if they work better for us. If the earlier builds can be resized as well, that might be helpful to some people in the community. Not a necessity, but might be a nice option to have. Thanks again for your hard work.
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(08-05-2016, 12:27 PM)tllim Wrote: I plan to make the build image smaller for sub sequence build. Currently, I am collecting the physical capacity size of microSD card in market to determine the build size. I also don't want to be too small and waste capacity.
I'm so glad you took up the baton TLLIM, thanks. Bet all of us are waiting for the right image to fit our 64GB cards
@tllim Is there any good news on the rework progress?
I would also like to know how this is coming along so I can finally start using all of my SD card.
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