mounting root filesystem via NFS on pine64+ issue
Hello everybody

I have such a issue. I have pine64+ with 2GB DRAM memory. I download Debian Mate (3.10.102 BSP 2) image from site and flashed it on my SD card. Everything boots up fine and I can login into OS. However, when I want to mount root fs via NFS protocol it does not work correctly.

For NFS root fs mounting, I created boot script (boot.scr kept in mmcblk0p1 boot partition) which is required ,otherwise u-boot sets default environment which mounts root fs from mmcblk0p2. boot environment (bootargs) I set and saved to uboot.env also stored in boot partition.

From boot progress I can see that booting process reads bootargs, I can also see 5 attempts to wait for root /dev/nfs what is set in my bootargs which countdown. I can also see ethernet interface activation. However, the kernel always mount root fs from SD card.

What is the problem? I have installed and activated nfs kernel server on my host workstation, configured /etc/exports config files for accepting requests from NFS client (development board). I even checked syslog on my workstation if there is some activity for NFS dedicated daemons and service, even traced xinetd whether it is activated. But nothing, any activity?

What can be wrong please?

Thank you very much for your help in advance  Smile  Martin

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mounting root filesystem via NFS on pine64+ issue - by martind1983 - 07-28-2016, 11:20 AM

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