Pine64 Firewall
Is there any chance that I could do the following?

  1. Ad a 2nd NIX
  2. Install the pFSense firewall on the Pine64? (
there is no bsd port in place at this time.

But you can certainly build a firewall/routing appliance with the pine using usb ethernet.

I will have somethign like that posted on in th elinux tutorials section soon enough Wink
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Cheers Big Grin
OK, thanks
FYI, aarch64 (aka arm64) is now officially supported by FreeBSD, and according to them, most things other than HDMI work. I reckon if you can get FreeBSD to boot and don't mind tinkering pFSense should be plausible, though I don't know how much work it would take.

pfSense can run on pretty lightweight hardware so I'm guessing it is quite capable of handling a home network for most folks.
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