Lots of problems with pinebuds
I got my pinebuds yesterday and out of the box they didn't work correctly. They continuously cut out making them unusable. I tried resetting them and they wouldn't even reset. I hit the reset button in the middle, the charging LEDs flash, close the lid and nothing.  

I tried flashing new firmware in a docker on my pinebook pro and couldn't because its not arch64. Which I find ironic that I have to have a windows machine or a different type of computer other than a pine64 product but I digress. 

I'll try it on my desktop later but has anyone else been able to successfully reset them?
I am still unable to flash them.
I won't be buying anymore pine64 products. First a dead on arrival pinetab 2 and now useless pinebuds. Now they won't even pair together. Sorely disappointed

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