SOQuartz64 4GB CM & Waveshare cm4-to-pi3
Hello everyone,

Since two days, I search to solve my problem.
I test Plebian, DietPi, but with both distrib (on mSDCard and EMMC) the usb is not recognized (no keybord, mouse, etc)
from ssh session, I don't have logs, or specifique message with dmesg, no device attached with lsub command...

It's not the cm4-to-pi3 (, my Raspberry CM4 work without problem in this adpater.

I need help  Huh

thx  Smile
You might need an overlay like this

See also

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Open Hardware Quartz64 Model A TOSLink Adapter
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(07-03-2023, 03:13 AM)CounterPillow Wrote: You might need an overlay like this

See also

thx usb is alive  Big Grin Big Grin !!!!
compiled (available here) and put in plebian

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