pacman vs. Discover - again

some time ago I was told to run updates via pacman since Discover isn't trustworthy.
I am doing that for quite a time now.

But even if pacman tells me the system is up to date, Discover keeps informing me about available updates which becomes annoying...

My question is now:
Why is that? I'd think Discover is kind of based on pacman or from where does it retrieve its information?
Is Discover definitely wrong, when pacman claims the system is up to date? Should I run the updates via Discover or should I really permanently ignore it?

Uninstall Discover?

When the native package manager and some 'random' 3rd party package manager differ, I'd always trust the native one.
Are the updates Discover sees Flatpak updates? Those are not handled by pacman.
(05-15-2023, 04:57 PM)Kevin Kofler Wrote: Are the updates Discover sees Flatpak updates? Those are not handled by pacman.

Yes, indeed. A flatpak update solved it.
I'm a bit embarrassed now.

Should I delete this or let it stay?
You already marked it "solved", that should be sufficient.

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