Is Manjaro ARM a Rolling Release?

a quick question about the KDE CE:

It runs Plasma Mobile based on Manjaro ARM which is based on Arch ARM which is based on Arch.
I hope, I'm right so far.

Arch is a Rolling Release as Arch ARM is, right?

The current Manjaro ARM release is numbered "23.02".
The fact, that there is a release number like that makes me think, it's versioned and not a rolling release.
If so, why?

I searched the web for an answer, but either I wasn't able to find/see it or it is that clear to everybody (but me), no answer is necessary...

Thanks for helping out Smile
it is rolling

arch update the realeses as well, i think to save updetes (and updates promlems if the base release is very old).

Yes, the "releases" of rolling distros like Arch or Manjaro are just snapshots of the rolling release to get you started with something reasonably current. You never have to "upgrade" to a newer release, just update your packages and you will be running the latest. (Of course, this also implies the main drawback, that major disruptive upgrades of software components are also part of the regular update stream, whereas distros with branched releases save those for a new distro release.)
Thank you!
That said, if the installed system has not been updated for several months, you may run into errors when updating and you may have to reinstall after all. This is an issue especially for the devices freshly shipped from the factory, where the preinstalled OS tends to be pretty old.

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