How to connect a pine64-LTS to a serial console?
I'm trying to get two separate pine64 LTS boards to boot for the first time. Previous troubleshooting attempts here:

I was hoping to monitor the serial port of each board to find some some helpful errors. I couldn't find a post specifically for the pine64 LTS but I did for the rock64: I connected to pin 6 (GND <-> GND), pin8 (TX -> RX), and pin10 (RX -> TX). As a sanity check I switched RX and TX to make sure I hadn't mis-connected something. I've tested the serial console on another dev board so I know it's working. I'm on Ubuntu 22.04 and I'm using the following command to read messages: 
sudo  minicom  -s  -D  /dev/ttyUSB0  -b  1500000  --color=on
I checked that the serial console is connected to /dev/ttyUSB0 by using the command:
ls -l /dev/serial/by-id
Absolutely nothing comes through minicom from both boards. I thought perhaps the steps for the rock64 are different for the pine64. Please enlighten me if so.

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