Suggestion: NFC-F / FeliCa Support for next gen PinePhone or board add-on
Mods, if this is more appropriate to move to either Hardware or Accessories, please do so. I figured since the solution can be either base phone or accessory, best to put it under general.

iPhone since 8th gen has had NFC-F / FeliCa support and Android phones typically ship support if there's heavy usage in the region:

This is must have feature in Japan, and in other metro areas in SE Asia and US that have adopted it for transit. Being able to use your phone as a transit card and easily recharge it anywhere w/o having to use a special machine and cash is a killer feature.

It would be great if the hardware side support was there either within the phone hardware itself, or as add-on accessory if Pine64 wants to keep the base PinePhone as cheap as possible. Then either someone could maybe develop software Linux side or at least use Waydroid to use the card operator's app to recharge the 'card'

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