Handsfree bluetooth calls
Has anyone ever been able to get this to work? I've seen several questions about it, but no clear, specific answers.

I've got a bluetooth device that reports bluetooth version 2.1 and "Handsfree" capability so it should support hfp (handsfree protocol) version 1.5. It works perfectly fine with an Android phone.

On the pinephone (original) I've got Mobian with wireplumber 0.4.13 and pipewire 0.3.65-2. I swtiched from pulseaudio some months ago because I couldn't get anywhere with it.

I can initiate and end a call from the handsfree device but audio still goes through the pinephone built-in earpiece or speaker and the internal microphone. For incoming calls the pinephone properly causes the handsfree device to ring, and I can pickup and end the call with it, but again no audio goes through it so that I have to use the pinephone built-in earpiece or speaker and internal microphone. This tells me that at least the AT commands are being properly exchanged between the pinephone and the handsfree device.

Under the GUI settings/sound I see the handsfree device listed as an option for both the output and input devices but selecting it only results in a noise on the handsfree device that sounds like noise from an old-style acoustic phone modem.

My guess is that either the pipewire/wireplumber configuration is not correct, or there is still something missing elsewhere in the software. I've been administering Linux systems for more than a decade but haven't needed to mess with sound or bluetooth and I can't find enough pipewire documentation to figure out how to narrow it down further.

If anyone has got this to consistently work with Mobian using pipewire/wireplumber, pulse audio, or something else, I would appreciate knowing about it. Alternatively, if there is some other OS where it works, I would appreciate knowing about that. For me, and from what I've seen a few others, this seems to be the only thing standing in the way of completely adopting the pinephone for daily use.

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