Megapixels tuning
(Yesterday, 07:24 AM)irnemgk581 Wrote:
(01-30-2023, 11:40 AM)mburns Wrote: The Megapixels camera package requires libtiff5; libtiff6 leaves megapixels behind. I had to find in a flatpack directory to install it alongside and company. Manjaro Plasma has also regressed on other libraries required for megapixels. Media formats are a problem now.

Can you provide specific guidance on what you did in Mobian? I can't find this using flatpak, Megapixels won't open

I would type the following command line:
$find /usr -name "libtiff5.8.0"

This needs to be copied to the same /usr/lib directory as where libtiff6 is found. Cd to that directory and do the symbolic link from libtiff5 to libtiff5.8.0.
# ln -s libtiff5.8.0 libtiff5

I have a fresh version of the necessary changes to the config file for megapixels on the PinePhone Pro.

$ diff pine64,pinephone-pro.ini pine64,pinephone-pro.ini.sav
< model=PinePhone Pro
> model=PinePhone
< blacklevel=16
> blacklevel=3
< cropfactor=7.38
< fnumber=2.4
< iso-min=0
< iso-max=480
> cropfactor=10.81
> fnumber=2.2
> iso-min=100
> iso-max=64000
< mirrored=false
< blacklevel=3
< whitelevel=255
> mirrored=true
< cropfactor=9.48
> cropfactor=12.7
< iso-min=0
< iso-max=2047

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