Can't build InfiniTime
I'm trying to build InfiniTime.  I can build InfiniSim but when I try to make it to flash to a watch, it has an error.

I've tried everything: copying the src folder from InfiniSim, installing lv_font_conv in a bunch of different directories, running the command in different folders, but I always get this error.

    * Mode : Release
    * Version : 1.11.0
    * Toolchain : ../../gcc-arm-none-eabi-10.3-2021.10
    * GitRef(S) : 38092fcb
    * NRF52 SDK : ../../nRF5_SDK_15.3.0_59ac345
    * Target device : PINETIME
    * Debug pins : Disabled
    * Build DFU (using adafruit-nrfutil) : Disabled
    * Build resources : Disabled
CMake Error at src/displayapp/fonts/CMakeLists.txt:4 (find_program):
  Could not find LV_FONT_CONV using the following names: lv_font_conv
I think you have to make sure `lv_font_conv` is installed on your computer.

Looks like there are some instructions here:

Specifically `npm install lv_font_conv@1.5.2`

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