Magnetometer missing
Playing around with the sensors I found out that the magnetometer is missing in /sys/bus/iio/devices, while accelerometer, proximity/light sensor and charger are there.

dmesg tells this:
[   18.550161] iio iio:device0: DRDY on pin INT2 specified, but sensor does not support interrupts
[   18.550453] axp20x-battery-power-supply axp20x-battery-power-supply: DMA mask not set
[   18.566730] axp20x-adc axp813-adc: DMA mask not set
[   18.592344] iio iio:device0: interrupts on the rising edge
[   18.598297] gpio gpiochip2: (1c20800.pinctrl): gpiochip_lock_as_irq: tried to flag a GPIO set as output for IRQ
[   18.608472] sun50i-a64-pinctrl 1c20800.pinctrl: unable to lock HW IRQ 1 for IRQ
[   18.615897] genirq: Failed to request resources for lis3mdl-trigger (irq 135) on irqchip sunxi_pio_edge
[   18.625630] iio iio:device0: failed to request trigger IRQ.
[   18.640124] st-magn-i2c: probe of 1-001e failed with error -5
[   18.820645] SPI driver st-magn-spi has no spi_device_id for st,lis3mdl-magn
[   18.827708] SPI driver st-magn-spi has no spi_device_id for st,lsm303agr-magn
[   18.834929] SPI driver st-magn-spi has no spi_device_id for st,lsm9ds1-magn

Seems like the driver could not start. Does anyone have a similar issue?

//edit: Very interesting: If I boot the Pinephone with the Lora Backplane, the magnetometer shows up successfully. Maybe this thread should be moved to the Hardware-Topic

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