Power pass through USB-C dock that works? (HDMI out and charges phone)
I am not sure if that is the right term, the "power pass through" if I'm looking to buy a dock like the convergence.

I'm aware of the Pinebook dock... but assuming it works for PPP I'm sadly not trying to order from overseas at this time (dealing with DHL in my case is annoying).

Right now for Manjaro/Plasma Mobile I'm using this FlePow 7-in-1 USB-C adapter which works (I get HDMI out) however it is not powered so the PPP quickly dies.

I was looking into providing power through the pogo pins but that might have problems (with USB-C port plugged in at the same time).

I just want to make sure I buy the right thing... but if they're like $30 I guess I can try a couple here and there to find one that works.

I'll scope around other threads to see what people are using.

Interestingly... Manjaro Phosh does not do HDMI out, or as reliably as Plasma Mobile.

edit: USB-C PD input might be a term too

yeah the battery life unpowered is very short, under an hour from full charge
PD (power delivery) is the right standard. Thread below has more on the alternate mode requirements for video output. Apparently it's the sort of detail sellers often don't provide.
Thanks for that link. Yeah I have that pinned to read through.
I can confirm J5 create JCA374 will work with the pinephone pro. it will charge, transfer data, and allow use of usb keyboard and usb mouse and ethernet port as well. I have a 65 watt power supply connected (insignia V30 22g15g)

the Targus DSU200TT will NOT pass through charging. your phone will discharge while plugged into this with a 65w power supply. all other functions work.

65 watt power supply? What about just a regular phone charger like the original Pinephone convergence dock?
I'm going to buy 4 different brands including the J5 you mentioned. All have PD. Will post my findings here.

I am also going to get a couple of 65W power supplies.
If you run into problems try turning the USB-C connector over. It _shouldn't_ make a difference, but there have been some reports that sometime it does. That's probably an indication that someone got the implementation wrong.
Okay I bought 4 but only received 3 at this time.

Just tested them all, they all work with the Pinephone Pro (maybe that shouldn't be a surprise).

I'm using an Anker Nano II 65W charger

Tested these USB-C adapters:

TOTU 9-in-1 Type C (this one is nice has card readers and ethernet)

QGeeM 4-in-1 (small)

j5create as mentioned above works (this one is big/has ethernet but does not have card readers)

I bough two different right-angle USB-C adapters for portrait docks and they both work tested with TOTU (design/feature-set I like best)

Not tested yet:

The other one I bought is an Anker 7-in-1 this one also looks nice as far as included card reader no ethernet though.

I have not received this one yet.


Anker USB-C to HDMI works no surprise I guess

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