Wall power through pogo pins?
Do I have that right, that you can feed power into the pogo pins eg. external battery?

I was thinking about not having a battery in the PPP and just connecting it to a wall charger through the pogo pins.

Reason being, I'm using the USB-C for a dongle (monitor, keyboard, mouse) which does not have power unlike the convergence... I'm still looking for a brand that works where it also charges the PPP.

This was just a temporary solution in the mean time.

Although I am curious about the longevity effects on having the phone plugged in for long periods of time.

So... straight up, if I took a 5V source say 2-3A and connected it to 5V rail/GND of pogo pins, would my PPP survive?
It's possible, but with major caveats due to some troublesome corner cases. This is effectively what the secondary battery in the keyboard case does, but there are warnings not to use the phone's USB connector at the same time as the keyboard case if you want to be certain of avoiding damage.. Schematics for the phone and the keyboard case charger board should be linked in the wiki. I don't remember whether the corner cases were detailed in a forum or blog post, but you should be able to find it and see whether or not your use case would work safely.
Thanks for that heads up. Yeah I don't want to destroy this phone on accident.

I will look into that.

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