Replace Pogo Pins / Melted Pogo Pins fix
Today one of my pogo pins melted while connecting an PPP with an empty battery to the keyboard:

[Image: 182243276-41f9e103-1a9a-4a33-84cb-a1406fb10bf3.jpg]

This is a weird thing and if this happens to you, here are some pictures on how you might fix this:

1.) remove all screws on the backcover, including the one behind the white sticker:

[Image: 182243061-cbc9f99d-d830-4cfa-b45d-3c0e5ae05b78.jpg]

2.) Gently remove the whole back cover:

[Image: 182243087-bf161889-da2a-4a78-bf23-253d29cacd6c.jpg]

3.) Clean the PCB contacts with alcohol or some special "Kontakt" cleaner:

[Image: 182243177-4120bab9-37c3-4101-9471-ffbc192b8a39.jpg]

4.) Take a replacement pin (or clean the burnt one) and try to model a new surface with some glue and bring it in place (its terrible work when you have big hands):

[Image: 182243222-1cf5291f-2450-4272-a80b-22d5659c0f1b.jpg]

5.) Wait 24h until the glue is really dry (I know, they say it takes seconds to dry, but thats not true), then clean the pogo pin from any glue with a thin file or sandpaper:

......Picture coming in 24h........

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