Lot of issues after flashing mobian to emmc with tow-boot
So, thank you, the emmc is flashed now, mobian is working, but still some issues:

a lot of apps I've to start 2 or more times to make them run, f.e. firefox
with settings the same, but in settings f.e. clicking "sound" makes setting quitting as soon as I click on it( which is a no-go for DJing)
same with weather, as soon as I try to type in location it disappears

sd card is not shown, maybe I misunderstand this post-installation- advise below?

"The SD card will be automatically mounted on demand, using the path /media/sdcard. There is no need to change fstab or anything else"

No way to get the Software- catalogue......it begins to load, after having loaded about 70% it disappears.............I need urgently a mail-client and disks

So I need your help please................

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RE: Lot of issues after flashing mobian to emmc with tow-boot - by benedikt55 - 08-25-2022, 10:17 AM

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