Need a working image for Quartz64B
I got some time to play around. Here's a few things I tried:

1. For the woodpecker: I managed to get somewhat stable measure with a basic multimeter and frequently I got 3.7V (and almost as frequently my hands managed to short the pins and had to reinsert the device). I guess this is not so interesting anymore.

2. I tried another no-name usb-to-serial adapter, but didn't get good reading. Also the multimeter measure around 3.5V.

3. Lastly, I tried with RPi4 model B.
Confident that the guys writing the specs didn't get it wrong (i.e. pins voltage is 3.3V) I connected the uart pins from the RPi4 to the Quartz64-A at baud rate 1500000, but still got mashed up characters with Manjaro-ARM-minimal-quartz64-a-20220801.img and only 3 (three) readable lines with baud rate of 9600 and then the booting was stuck .

Then I tried with Armbian_22.08.0-trunk.0109_Quartz64a_jammy_edge_5.19.0.img, but nothing good was read from the serial port with speeds 1500000, 19200 and 9600.

Well, given that I had a RPi, today I bought a usb memory stick to install the Raspberry Pi OS on it and use the micro sdcard slot to look around. I managed to boot into both images (using the command systemd-nspawn -D <root-directory> --boot) and tried to finish the installation process and setup static IPs (i'm only confident about the armbian configuration). After booting both images on the Quartz64-A, nothing seemed to work and there was no ping.

I even tried on the armbian image to execute custom commands in /etc/rc.local and although the commands did write something on the micro sdcard during booting with systemd-nspawn, nothing was written when I tried booting from Quartz64-A.

Given that the Armbian gave me a "scary" message that the installation process is only meant for developers, I guess I should wait a bit more until I can try again. Smile

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