Wifi no scan results - Bluetooth adapter not available
Hi. This is my first post in the forum.

I've been using my Pinephone (convergence package) as a daily driver for more than six months (PostmarketOS SXMO). Until two days ago Wifi/Bt were working correctly. Then a strange thing happened and after that I have Wifi/Bt module problem.
I was extracting an image to SD card when the phone froze and I did a hard reset. After that it couldn't mount the root partition, I reinstalled PostmarketOS SXMO (sxmo-de-sway 20220803-0523) and now I'm experiencing the following problems:

1. Wifi is working but scanning for wireless networks returns no results (like there is no wireless network in the area)
2. No Bluetooth adapter is appeared available

I also tried PostmarketOS plasma-mobile distro and I had the same two problems.

Some of the diagnostics I tried:

1. for Wifi

pine64-pinephone:~$ nmcli r
WIFI-HW     WIFI         WWAN-HW    WWAN
enabled     enabled      enabled    enabled

ifconfig command output shows wlan0.

2. for bluetooth
pine64-pinephone:~$ bluetoothctl
[bluetooth]# devices
No default adapter available

I've tried the solution described here https://gitlab.com/ubports/porting/commu..._296549402 :
sudo nmcli radio all off
sudo rmmod 8723cs
sudo modprobe 8723cs
sudo nmcli radio all on

No luck.

Needed services are running:
pine64-pinephone:~$ rc-status
wpa_supplicant [  started 02:05:17  (0)  ]
networkmanager [  started 02:05:17  (0)  ]
bluetooth                    [  started  ]

It seems to me that it is a Wifi/Bt hardware module failure but I'm giving it a shot here in case anyone of you mates can help me out.

Thanks in advance!
I've been digging into the forum for similar cases e.g. and most of them lead to a hardware failure conclusion.

I booted factorytest v.0.64.0 image, I did the "Automatic test" and it showed that RTL8723CS module failed.

So, I've concluded that my PP suffered a WiFi/BT module hardware failure. I've decided to move on to PPP hoping that I'll be lucky this time.

Greetings to you all !

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