Who is the target audience of the PineNote
I own a PinePhone. It is basically a toy, I was happy to see a new phone with a removable battery, unlockable, runs Linux, SD card, etc. And the price is OK, not great but OK. It's fun to play around with, and it's nice to know it will receive new distros and features for years to come, and I never have to worry about it being bricked by a dead battery. The SD card gives so much flexibility to installing OSs and moving data around.

I'm in the market for an E-Reader, so I was excited to see the PineNote listed. My excitement has dropped to 0 after seeing the specs and price. Non-removable battery? No SD card? Who is your target audience?? No Linux enthusiast wants a throwaway device that's locked to internal memory only. $400? That is totally uncompetitive with existing Android E-Readers. And without removable battery and SD card the PineNote has nothing that sets it apart.

The stated reason why SD cards cannot be included is that the case does not allow it. So use a different case? Do you really think your customers care more about a flashy metal "premium" (your words) case than having a device that lasts more than a year or two and has an SD card? I'm disappointed that Pine would even put their brand on a device like this.

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Who is the target audience of the PineNote - by pinesucker - 08-04-2022, 08:31 AM

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