Epiphany don't look for hostname in /etc/hosts
I have developped several web applications using node.js/PHP on server side and classic HTML/JS/CSS on client side (https://www.alsatux.com/Pinephone), still in dev, currently using them on local desktop and phone.
But i still got annoying problems. Here is one of them...
My URL entry is https://mobian/app/ with a self signed certificate. I added of course "mobian" to "localhost" in /etc/hosts...
With no external connection, epiphany returns "Errror resolving "mobian" : name or service not known". But as soon as i connect to the internet, this error message disapears and i can't access to all of my webapps. So it seems that epiphany don't loot at /etc/hosts first, according to /etc/nsswitch.conf.
I made the same test with Firefox : with ou without external connection, firefox has no problem at all to access to the apps !

So is there any way to ask epiphany to follow the nsswitch.conf policy when no external connection is available ?

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