Hi everybody,

I've a problem with the Rockpro64.

With the Port USB-C is possibile to tranfer video data?

I tried to connected an HUB (to the USB-C port of the Rockpro), this HUB contain 3 port USB and 1 port HDMI, i connect the 2 USB on the HUB Mouse and Keyboard and they function correcty, but if i connected the HDMI to the i can't see the video on the screen. But if i connected the HDMI directly on the Rockpro, i can see the video on the screen.

So, Why it doesn't work with USB C?


i recall at one point many people could nt get hdmi output through the USB-C unless they had their dock plugged in a specific way. there's a technically reason for it (i've just forgotten it) but for some docks the video only works if the cable is plugged in with a specific side as "up." try unplugging your dock, flipping the usb-c plug over and plugging it back in.

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