Case for Pinephone
(08-07-2022, 05:53 AM)kuleszdl Wrote: Hi folks,

I bought two cases of phones with "similar" shapes, namely the Galaxy S20 Ultra (Otterbox Symmetry) and the Mate 9X Lite ("Fashion Design Personality Case"). Both are not what I was looking for - the gap is fixable with a 3d printed placeholder, however, due to PP being wider, you just can't put the phone face down in the case - not even thinking about dropping it. Hence, you never get any kind of Otterbox-like experience. :-(

Any suggestions for other phone models with a similar depth of the PP?

I guess I will have to try one of the fully 3D printed ones. Any recommendations regarding the material?

Other than that, I thought about getting the Otterbox Defender (Pro) for the S20 Ultra and "hacking" it.

If I were going to print a case I would make a TPU inner soft 'bumper' case and a nylon outer hard shell though ABS filament is also tough and easier to find.
There is a linked model for a 'negative' above so it should be pretty easy to use that to remove the shape from a simple shell on OpenSCAD or whatever you use.  You just need to add through holes for switches, USB and audio.
Hi all, a leather flip case for PinePhone Pro, does anything like that exist?

I see can make a case for the PPP but it looks like it can fall out because there is no closure, and the fabric looks soft.

@User 16030 which case did you use in ?
I'd like to create my own in genuine leather, but raw materials are rather expensive, unfortunately. And, I don't know if it's worth going straight to synthetic leather when I'd like to keep a spirit of authenticity all the same for my Pinephone. Any recommendations?
Just in case there is someone else out there looking for a cheaper close-enough fitting case, I can confirm that this Otterbox case for the Moto G7 Power works:

The side buttons are slightly misaligned, but I managed to work around this by carving the existing button indentations on the inner soft rubber portion of the case. The only other caveat is that the headphone jack alignment is slightly off, but the existing hole on the case could likely be expanded via a drill or dremel tool.

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