No keyboard in Signal Desktop
Finally I got Signal Desktop working! But one thing, when I press the textbox to write, no keyboard is showing up! Is there a fix for?
At the moment, the only fix to this is to not use Plasma Mobile. It works better on Phosh, and I'd hope it works on Sxmo too.

The issue occurs due to Electron/Chromium's Wayland implementation not being all that compatible with the virtual keyboards we have - if you enable the ozone backend to not have the app look blurry on Phosh, you will struggle putting in a few letters (e.g. the o did not work for me, but I am not sure on which layout that occured).
Have you tried Axolotl?


Same Problem here, and also with Threema Desktop. :/

Axolotl doesn’t boot at least under Manjaro plasma atm. :/ Big Grin
(09-02-2022, 07:46 AM)mikehenson Wrote: Have you tried Axolotl?



Now that you mention it, axolotl behaves funny with cyrillic keyboard - the characters for u and t (namely, у, т) don't appear when typed, they just return the insertion point to the beginning of the line, like the home key would (on manjaro phosh). Other characters come up regularly.

I'm still waiting in the axolotl thread, to see if you guys caught up with Signal's dance. They seem to change protocol too often, almost like skype does every few months.

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