Text pixelated
I just had to reboot my PinePhone after it decided to sleep and not wake up. I don't know if it is as a result of an unclean shutdown or first reboot after updates of the last couple of days but now all text on the screen is unpleasantly pixelated.

I have been running with 100% screen scaling and large text set in the accessibility settings and all has been fine until today.

The pixelation is clearly visible at 150% scaling and using Gnome Tweak to increase font sizes to 13 does not help. All text everywhere (apps and webpages) is affected.Including VLC which uses qt.

Anyone else seeing this problem?
OK problem solved. When trying to change menu text sizes in VLC (which on my LM XFCE laptops requires the use of qt5ct) I clicked on "create fonts.conf" in the Fonts tab of qt5ct. I just clicked on "remove fonts.conf" rebooted and the font quality has returned to normal.

So did qt5ct overwrite the default mobian fonts.conf or is there another reason as to why it affected the system fonts?

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