WiFi MAC Address on PinePhonePro

My new one arrived today (beware UK user's there's a £70+ duty charge   Sad ).

Opened the back, removed the plastic tab off the battery, left the dip-switches all to 'On' and inserted a SIM card and then the battery.  Popped it on to charge and it powered up Big Grin  - no need to press button 5 'Power'.

Entered timezone then got taken to wifi screen where it asks me to select a wi-fi (there's no 'NONE' option) so I chose my local wifi and then was asked for a password.  No problems but my wifi has MAC filtering on, I can't connect to it unless I know the MAC address to add to the filter.

Does anybody know how I can display the MAC address of the wireless interface or how to skip the wifi option ?

I've tried swiping the screen pressing the "< WiFi" at the top right of the screen but nothing happens.  I can't find any MAC addresses on the printed paper with the phone or on the box either.

There's nothing on the WIKI either AFAICT.


As a followup, I turned wifi switch off but still get the 'WiFi' page but there are no networks displayed and there is no way to go past the 'Wi-Fi' page.
Sort of sorted.

I turned off MAC filtering on my WiFi and managed to get through the setup OK.

Opened a shell and ip addr show to get the MAC address of the interface to add to the router and it's all fine now.

Takeaway to any devs reading this -

Add a 'NONE' or 'Skip' option to the WiFi configuration table.

Having to turn off a security feature to enable configuration is NOT a good plan and defeats the purpose of buying the phone in the first place.
Had a similar issue ... turned out I couldn't see the very faint skip button in the upper right corner with the protective film in place.

To find your MAC address, open a terminal window, and type "ip a" without the quotes of course, that will give you a page full of info. including your WiFi MAC address.
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Something to keep in mind is that the MAC address for the wifi may be randomized. I don't know whether this is the default or not, but you can configure it on a per-SSID basis.

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