Pinephone keyboard needs pressure
Pinephone Keyboard doesnt work unless I push to backcover or display in place where pogo pins are. Do you have annyone same experience? How did you fix it? I am sure that phone is fully in case, I trided multiple times to put out and in, no difference

Yes' this is the same for me. I sent email to Pine64 support and they responded timely. Still working on a resolution.
(02-24-2022, 07:43 AM)wibble Wrote:

Thanks! The link helped, at least for now. I realized shim need not be metallic, which was my biggest fear. I used slightly stiff card cut to size to prop up the contacts so that the connection was better. It has resolved the issue for me for now. Will be interesting to see how long it lasts. Of course, it will be welcomed if a paper shim is all that is needed.
@terarmot Did your keyboard work in part, or not at all?

I got a keyboard yesterday & am having trouble with it.  It partially works. It snaps into place & the phone recognizes the battery, but the keypad doesn't work.  Before I go shimming things I wonder if that's still the solution.
any reply is appreciated

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