Phone call with the pinephone pro
thanks for your responses.

lllsondowlll: I did set the same APN as my original Pinephone, still no luck; Once I press "launch call" from the app dialer (Phosh/Plasma) the screen flash then the call is added to the call history... and that's it.

bcnaz: Nice it worked for you. And yep the suspend-to-crash actual workflow isn't really nice but eh it evolve so fast it will be resolved fast I think.

kaida: As for the doc: yep. But it still don't work for me ^^' Like I said; Probably configs...


I just tryed it with a different sim card from an other carrier and same issue. Tried it again with my other pinephone (original) and it work as expect with the given APN settings. Aw.

Since I'm not able to provide meaningful information to go forward in finding a solution I guess I'll wait a little and try again in a month ^^'

I got a part of my answer: It's supposed to work out of the box like the previous pinephone; So it's not a missing package / tweak I'm missing.

Thanks everyone.

Do I need to mark this thread "resolved'ish" or "closed" ?

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