Manjaro Plasma Beta and Cellular Data Service
Ok, just hacking in Beta 10 here, and this is the original definition of hacking, press a bunch of random buttons until something good happens and see if it's repeatable.  I re-flashed a fresh copy Beta 10 because of issues I'm having with the Geary mail client, and at first boot I of course was registered with my service provider, because mobile data is on by default.  I used the top bar drop down menu to disable mobile data and to my surprise I was still registered with my service provider.  I hoped it would stick, but it only lasted until the next restart.  I played with the drop down menu hoping to get it back after restart, but no, it depends on the state it was in before the restart.

After playing around, a lot, I came up with the following method ... simply remembering to turn mobile data back on before you restart doesn't work, the next time around you'll lose cell service as soon as you turn mobile data off from the drop down menu.

So, do the following:
  • After a restart, use the drop down to turn mobile data on if it's not on already.
  • Open the system settings app, go to Cellular Network, provide your pass-code, then hit SIM 0, and View Modem Details ... notice that the "Disable Modem" button is available but don't touch it.
  • Now use the top bar drop down menu to disable mobile data and notice that you're no longer registered with your service provider.
  • Now back all the way out to the beginning of the settings app..
  • Then navigate all the way back through to View Modem Details and notice that "Disable" Modem has changed to "Enable" Modem.
  • Press Enable Modem and within a few seconds it will register with your service provider, without having mobile data turned on.

It's a stupid bunch of hoops to jump through, but it works, and will only last until the next re-start.

It is noteworthy to point out that Beta 8 does not have this problem ... hopefully some developer somewhere will take note here, and maybe fix it.
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