Mepo - Minimalist and hackable OSM map viewer for mobile linux
(04-18-2022, 07:52 AM)mil Wrote:
(04-17-2022, 09:37 AM)biketool Wrote: Did you do dev work on Maemo5 apps?  This name looks like an updated app I remember from my N900.
Are you considering distributing via flatpak?

Ah no that must have been something different on Maemo5.

And I would surely support a flatpak for mepo - if someone would want to do the work to create the packaging currently I could help out / guide re-dependencies / build. If not I may look into it myself (depending on demand / user interest).

It would be appreciated if Mepo was available as a flatpak.  I feel like flatpak is a way to get an evened out app experience for most pinephone users across most distros.  Anothe feature I feel is very important, and I am not sure how well Mepo supports it is human readable geo URIs, with these I can reference to a paper map, call it over a radio, or easily SMS or email the location, it also lets me do the reverse importing an approximate location form a map or just receiving a friend's location via IM.
Hi all - Mepo 1.0 has been released, you can read more at the mailing list update at:

With the new release, mepo now supports Phosh, Sxmo, and now Plasma Mobile out-of-the-box.
Also since the last update here, note mepo now supports geopositioning (as of 0.5).

Additionally per request a flatpak has been added as well to Flathub so usage on Mobian and other distros is now doable, see:

On postmarketOS edge, to install you can run:
apk add mepo-scripts

See the install guides for other distributions at:
A new documentation website is at:
And demo videos are at:
Mepo 1.1 has been released featuring new functionality to transfer pins between groups (e.g. so you can now save and combine multiple search results etc.). As well zenity has been changed to be the only menuing option, and some other features and bugfixes have been incorporated. You can see a preview of changes to the UI at the userguide at:

The release announcement for 1.1 can be seen at:

As of 1.1, now you may now install mepo on postmarketOS independent of UI (works for Phosh, Plasma Mobile, Sxmo, Swmo, etc.) by installing the package mepo-scripts.

To install on postmarketOS run:
apk add mepo-scripts

You can use the Flatpak if on postmarketOS stable, Mobian, or another distro where packaging is not available yet. See the installguide at:

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